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Combat Ju-jitsu

Combat Ju-jitsu has been developed with the streets of today in mind. Streets where knife crime and assault is on the increase. Streets where people need to know how to defend themselves and how not to become "just another victim".

Ju-jitsu was developed to use leverage, not just strength. So it is ideal for all types of people. With the many different strikes, throws, hand moves, ground moves, weapon defence and weapon use, you will quickly find out what your own strengths are, and you will be able to use them to your advantage in a self defence situation.

Developed by Kancho Ray Wonnacott, who has used Combat Ju-jitsu on a number of occasions "with good effect", it is a tried and tested system that will help you change your life for the better and, hopefully make you feel a lot safer on the streets of today.

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was created by its founder,
Kancho Ray Wonnacott RIP (8th Dan Nakmas)

Our Club Kancho Ray Wonnacott Combat Jujitsu honors and respects a remarkable teachers memory who for more than 30 years has taught martial arts to thousands of students many of whom have gone on to be instructors, like us.

The knowledge and skills he passed onto us means that we are able to keep alive the very basis and core of what, over the years, Kancho Ray honed and finely tuned.

Kancho Ray started his journey into martial arts as a child in the 60’s, and as the 70's were drawing to a close, with a foresight of blending many different fighting styles and self defense into one.

He first taught a style he called “Combat Karate" at the time he realized that the title would have to be changed to accommodate the "Blend" of different styles that he would incorporate into one, So Combat Jujitsu was born.

During his time Kancho Ray studied and taught many styles of martial arts with many legends of the martial arts world including Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine, Michael DePasquale Sr, and he had become a well-respected authority on personal protection.

Teaching his style to all sections of the community from children to senior citizens, form Door staff to Police and the Military. He was a firm believer that if someone entered your own personal space uninvited, and in an intimidating or threatening manner a pre-emptive strikes was a legitimate action.

Putting his skills to the test as an Instructor, Doorman and as a Bodyguard, he continually reviewed and perfected his techniques with an attitude of "Change with the times" knowing that he could always try and adapt them for the better in some way.
Jujitsu itself is an ancient martial art that has continually evolved over time and no longer are we likely to be faced with the traditional weapons of medieval Japan, such as Samurai Swords, Nuchaku, Tonfa, and no longer do we need to learn and practice kata’s in order to perfect our art.
The progressive nature of RW Combat Jujitsu means we can focus on today’s threats of unarmed and armed attackers. Attackers who may be carrying weapons including, guns, knifes, screwdrivers, bottles, sticks and bats, we teach a realistic approach to dealing with these situations.

Using skill not strength in our wide-ranging syllabus includes striking and kicking techniques, locks, throws and grappling and provides enough techniques to meet every eventuality, for every size or shape of student from five to seventy five.
The grading syllabus we use has many techniques, which are similar to other martial arts styles, but it is not the syllabus that makes this style stand out from all others. It is the practical application of the techniques taught in the classes and the state of mind that ‘RW Combat Jujitsu’ gives you, when faced with a confrontation.

The combination of common sense and techniques makes RW Combat Jujitsu one of the most devastating martial arts taught.

Today’s instructors also have a wide ranging experience of martial arts including, Aikido, Judo, Karate, Kick Boxing, MMA, Hapkido and Muay Thai and are all of the common believe that ‘Kancho Ray Wonnacott Combat Jujitsu’ is one of the most rounded and practical martial arts that you can learn.

R.I.P. Kancho Ray Wonnacott And Thank You For what you left us!