combat jujitsu wales
combat jujitsu wales

Self Defence Classes in Cardiff


Combat Jujitsu Wales is ideal for men - women - children from 6 to 106  size is not an issue. You will rely on the techniques we teach you and not just strength, we have a proven history in how to protect yourself and your family’s in a real life attach situations. We have been changing peoples lives for a long time but especially in Combat Jujitsu Wales since 2006. Giving back to the community and loving it.

combat jujitsu wales
combat jujitsu wales


combat jujitsu wales
combat jujitsu wales

Head instructors

2nd Dan's In

Combat Ju-jitsu

Lee Sterio

Stuart Sexton

combat jujitsu wales,self defence cardiff

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Combat Jujitsu Wales has been developed with the streets of today in mind. Streets where knife crime and assault is on the increase. Streets where people need to know how to defend themselves and how not to become "just another victim".


Jujitsu was developed to use leverage, not just strength. So it is ideal for all types of people. With the many different strikes, throws, hand moves, ground moves, weapon defence and weapon use, you will quickly find out what your own strengths are, and you will be able to use them to your advantage in a self defence situation.


Developed by Kancho Ray Wonnacott who has used Combat Ju-jitsu Wales on a number of occasions "with good effect", it is a tried and tested system bast in Cardiff that will help you change your life for the better and, hopefully make you feel a lot safer on the streets of today.


We look forward to meeting you on the mats!



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S J Sexton - L Sterio

combat jujitsu wales